Mara translates to the sea.

MARA THE LABEL is a sustainable women's clothing company created by designer and founder, Mara McGinley, that focuses on using mainly deadstock fabric. The line designs clothing to bring ease and confidence into your wardrobe using luxurious silk and linen fabric. Inspired by vintage and a desire to offer ethically produced clothing that flatters you. The label is primarily Resort Wear and designed for your next vacation. All pieces are designed to add fluidity and a feeling of being free. 



To create beautiful clothes while limiting waste through low production volumes, using deadstock fabric and luxurious fabrics like silk.

Developing clothing for your upcoming vacation, to travel the world and celebrate in.  We pride ourselves on sourcing beautiful prints, high quality fabrics that feel and look good. We love hearing from our customers about how special these dresses make them feel.


Visit us in store at LAYA COLLECTIVE: 1406 Montana Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90403 & 1 Hotel in West Hollywood.

Manufactured in Downtown Los Angeles.